Initial tagline – ‘Oriental Adventures Swashbuckling’ – inspired by Sindbad or Pirates of the Carribean 3.

There are two main cultures PC’s can be from * an oriental adventures type culture which dominates the single large continent that makes up most of the known world. * an arabian adventures type culture which occupies the many islands off the eastern coast of the continent

We’re using 3.5ed D20 rules. Current campaign is play by chat using gmail chat.

Quick setting description.

The continent was dominated until very recently by an empire of orge-like creatures – the wang-liangs. Humans, hengeyokai, orcs, goblins, halfings were all serfs at best, dinner if unlucky. This empire lived by the ways of bushido, but these rules did not apply to the lesser races. The nobility was entirely wang-liang and every other race laboured to serve them. Apart from the deep forests and nomads in the terrible northern desert, there was no part of the continent that was not under their dominion, or that of the vile yakmen.

The elves on this world shun all contact and are hated and feared in return. Where the deep forests remain, their outer bounds are marked with the bones of trespassers. It is known that these are an earthbound remnant, that much of the elves of this world left for the stars amid some kind of schism, but that they meddle still in the affairs of others.

The dwarves are extinct as a pure race – the only remanant labours in the mines of the sinister kingdom of the yakmen in the mountain range that defines the empires northern border. On this world, dwarves are vassals of the evil yakmen, and have been executed on sight for generations.

Recently – within the past generation, the Empires hold has begun to slip and its borders have begun to recede nortwards. Now the entire basin of the Aka Kawa river is ruled by mixture of all those races who once were slaves. Humans now sit on the thrones of the south, hengeyokai tend the temples where the mahotsukai once taught. Mighty constructs of iron now match the wang-liangs in battle and will soon spearhead the new Shogunates conquest of the old Empire.

There are now six major power blocs – the crumbling but still mighty Empire of the Wang-Liang, the Iron Shogunate, and a mysterious orc-dominated counterpart to the Shogunate in the west share a culture (Oriental Adventures) as do the Chosen Lands of the Yakmen and the Free Isles (Arabian Adventures) while the forbidden lands of the elves make up the final realm.

The Free Isles have benefitted from the two continental realms aversion to sea travel and have prospered through trading the bounties of the islands, settled mostly by those who fled the yakmen, but safe haven for wugu and other pirates from the Empire and now traders from the Shogunate.

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