Hikuru - Sea of Storms

The Furishouhou

Hikuru Session Two

DM: Curtain Raises; Act I, Scene II, The Furishouhou

Preparations to make way progress rapidly, the crew are practiced and sure of themselves aboard the ship

Provisions are hauled up and stowed in short order, all seems well in hand.

The ship itself is an armed junk of a kind not built for considerable time in the Sea of Storms.

Its hardwood hull has lasted well and is older than any of the crew aboard but still fast and sound.

The first mate, Ningkyo, approaches Han

Han: ::bow::

DM: She bows in return “Captain, the evening tide will be soon, if we hurry we can make it. Did you want to put to sea now or in the morning?”

Han: “Our mission can wait”

I will not wisk the crew and safety of the ship

Take the time you need for preperations

Ren: Ren scampers down from the rigging and runs over “I can see well, sir. We could go now if you so chose.”

DM: Ningkyo looks at Ren curiously, noting the obvious signs of her acquatic heritage

Ren: /boldly turns to Ningkyo and gives her a full on teeth smile, her blue-black eyes swirling

Han: “Thank you for help, Ren, however, i do no wish for my crew to rush the preperations. It is an unnecessary risk.”

DM: “A daughter of the seas” Ningkyo bows and looks pleased. “Lucky”

Ren: /walks sulkily away to perch on a siderail

Han: Quietly “That remains to be seen”

Han: Louder “Ninkyo, we set sail for Fallen Harp Bay”

Toshi: ::watching the scene from the side, where I haven’t moved since we got on board, holding nonchalantly but very securely to the side::

Han: “Well you know how treacherous the journey can be, and how inhospitable the locals can be if their mood is set that way”

I want to be ready for a frosty reception

DM: The crew exchange glances.

A young man, clean cut and at home on the deck comes down from the helm

DM: “Captain, I think we have enough irons aboard in case of … misunderstandings, but it would not hurt to lay on some more arrows if we have time.”

Han: “Agreed. Take whatever time time you need.”

DM: “Bowstrings too, if we have some time.” says Ningkyo “Just to be sure”

Han: I signal a cabin boy/low ranked crew member

Please see our guests to their chambers. It’s a long journey, and i’m sure the will want to settle in

To the others “I shall be down to join you shortly”

::Bows Deeply::

Goro: :: nods in return ::

Toshi: ::bows carefully:: “Thank you.”

Ren: :: waves a hand noncommittally over his shoulder in his vague direction ::

DM: The crewman is a young man in a frayed but clean tunic and trous, he leads the group below decks.

Ren: :: remains on the deck ::

Goro: :: grabs gear and follows below deck ::

Toshi: ::following below deck::

::still nonchalantly holding on to whatever secure thing I can find along the way::

DM: “We cannot offer you luxurious rooms, honoured sirs, but they are dry and as warm as they can be.”

Han: “Ren… are you going to join the others?”

DM: “If you are like to be cold, talk to the cook for something hot”

Ren: “Must I? I do not prefer to sleep inside ships, and as such have no need for a cabin”

DM: Belowdecks: “These would be your cabins” The crewman indicates two cabins, mostly open spaces with hammocks and chests for stowage

Belowdecks: “These are mostly used for extra cargo – we run light where we can so we do not haul about extra furniture. Apolgies for the poor hospitality.”

Goro: :: ignores the crewman, picks one at random and starts stowing gear ::

Toshi: ::nods, looking around::

Thank you for the tour.

DM: Belowdecks: The crewman warily eyes the big orc warrior and leaves him be.

Belowdecks: Turning to Toshi. “Anything you need, just ask.” He pauses. “If I may ask, sorry to trouble you, but do you know why we sail for Fallen Harp Bay?”

Toshi: “Your captain has been charged with a task; I trust it shouldn’t take your and your ship too long out of its way.” ::pauses:: “It’s not mine to offer more details; I’m sure Han will inform you as he sees fit.”

::smiles a little:: “Why do you ask?”

DM: Belowdecks: “Few things more curious than a sailor, ma’am” The crewman smiles. “I should get back to work.”

Toshi: ::nods:: “Thank you again for your assistance.”

Han: Abovedeck: “You are a Guest upon the Furishouhou, Ren. you must do nothing unless it pleases you. But i need some time to discuss thing sith my crew. Some are new to the craft, and have not made the perilous journey to Fallen Harp Bay. I must make sure all is order, and the crew are prepared”

Ren: “Very well” She slips over the rail and you hear a faint splash of the water.

Han: I talk to the crew

Han: “Ninkyo, as i said we set sail for Fallen harp bay”

This is a Diplomatic mission, we’re not expecting nay resistence, but i don;t want to take any risks

Han: “We carry a precious cargo with us, and” ::nodding to Metsubou:: “we need to make sure it arrive in one piece”

Hence the extra caution i wish to take

Han: "Oh… and as some of you may have noticed.. " ::looking around:: “We have a.. what did you call her Ninkyo… ‘Daughter of the Seas’?”

She is NOT Crew

She is NOT an omen, or anything of the sort

If she wants to leap around the ship like a Fish out of a Net, so be it, she is a guest. But do not take your orders from her, and do not ask her for her help

Han: “As for the trip… you all know you jobs well, and i trust you with my life, just as every man here trusts the others”


DM: There is a murmur of assent from the crew.

No Captain Ouritsu glances about “Lets get ready to sail”

Han: “Excellent. Ninkyo… Take over. I shall be below deck with the Guests”

::bows and head below deck::

DM: “Alright you lot!” Ninkyo yells “I want those provisions stowed, I want every blade, arrow head and sharp thing aboard checked and oiled! Tighten those ropes, what is this a net factory?”

The crew springs to their tasks

Han: ::head to my rooms to change, and then rejoin the party::

DM: The evening is spent with crew checking and rechecking the sails and rigging, pulling out arms checking for rust or bluntness. Stores are laid on and preparations made to sail with the dawn tide.

DM: Night falls and work continues by lantern light until Ninkyo is satisfied, then hammocks are unrolled belowdecks for the crew

And over the side for Ren

Food is plain rice with preserved fish, tasty now but from the crews less enthusiastic response, something that becomes less exciting with time

DM: It is Hour of the Rat before the last of the day watch turns in and leave the deck to the watchman.

Ren: Before light has even begun cresting the horizon, Ren is up, hauling her kelp hammock back over the side of the ship. She tuts around the deck, humming to herself in the darkness and speaking softly at the sides.

She nods to the watchman on duty and ducks below decks, circling until she finds the grandest door that she assumes belongs to the captain’s quarters

She knocks loudly

DM: The watchman nods back, eyes her curiously as she leaves, then looks quickly over his shoulder to check there is nothing behind him.

Ren: She knocks loudly again

DM: No sound comes from behind the door

Han: ::groggilly:: “Ren…?”

Ren: She knocks loudly again.

Han: ::hans walks in from the Crew cabin::

::Hastily donning a Robe::

Ren: :: Snaps to a badly mimed attention and salutes ::

Han: “Can i help you?”

Ren: “The morning has arrived sir, we should be away”

Han: ::peer outside::

Ren: “I have checked the rigging and all is in place. You should come upstairs and give the word so that we might be away”

Han: “The sun has not yet graced the Sky”

Ren: “By the time you have given the word we will have plenty of light to see by”

Han: “And how will they see what they are doing?”

DM: Ouritsu arrives into the passage. He is fully dressed and looks awake and alert. “Are we starting before light, Captain?”

Ren: “They are sailors. They will know by instinct.”

Han: “No. We are not.”

Ren: “With respect sir… HE said time was of the essence”

Han: “Ren… thank you again for your aid, however, my crew, as you said, are creatures of instinct and routine”

DM: “As you say, Captain.” Ouritsu nods and heads towards the galley

Han: “And little is gained by breaking that routine now. We raise in 1 turn of the Sands”

Ren: “Then they should have no problem in finding their clothing and donning it at your command. See, one of them has already managed it”

Han: “Yes, well… while i trust my crew are all capable of dressing themselves, that is not the point”

However, if you wish it…

Ren: :: sighs, then says in a conspiratorial whisper :: “Sir I understand your fear for your ship in the dark. I promise you I am up to the task of keeping us safe”

Han: “My Ship…” almost in a shout.

Switch down to a quiter tone “My ship, Ren, will leave hen all of it’s crew are best capable of defending it.”

“I apprecate you abilities, and have faith tha they will be called upon before our trip is out
Ren: :: shoulders drooping, Ren turns and trudges towards the deck ::
Han: However, in this matter, i must insist that the initial launch happens under regular conditions”""

DM: Ninkyo appears in the passage way, looking dishevelled in her short night tunic

Captain? Is something wrong?

Han: “…Yes”

Climb back into bunk

And try to get back to sleep

Ren: :: walks back out to the deck, waves at the watchman, and heads to the very front of the prow ::

DM: Goro emerges from his cabin into the passage way

Goro: :: Blades drawn, moving quickly and quietly towards deck ::

DM: The ship, which had been moving gently at anchor rocks under a particularly strong wave

Goro: :: reaching the top of the stairs keeps low and looks out as if looking for something :

Toshi: ::steps out of my cabin, looks around the empty passage::

::stumbles a little, frowns, mutters to myself:: " I was just getting the hang of this."

Han: ::muttering:: “Oh, for Fuck’s Sake…”

DM: The watchman on deck sees, and is seen, as Goro emerges. He looks confused and makes a questioning gesture, while his hand goes to his dagger and he crouches

The ship rocks again under another wave

Ouritsu and Ninkyo appear on deck, looking around

Toshi: ::carefully making my way onto deck::

Ren: :: turns from her place at the prow and smiles down at the newcomers ::

Toshi: ::moving to where I can see, but stay out of the way::

Goro: :: Keeping move move to the watchman ::

Toshi: ::And hold on tight::

Han: “What the Hell is going on here!” ::shouting as i reach the deck::

Ren: “Shall we prepare to depart then?”

DM: The watchman looks very nervous at the fully armed samurai acting like something dangerous is about

He is doing his best to look in all directions at once, his head may twist off shortly

Han: “No!”

DM: The ship rocks again, straining on its anchor chains

This wave sets other ships nearby moving and thumps against the docks with a hollow booming noise.

Ren: “Now if someone could just bring in the plank and anchor we could be on our way. No sense in wasting time, right captain?”

Han: “No…the seas are far too dangerous this morining. I will not risk the lives of my crew in this maelstrom”

Ninkyo, see that the crew get safelt off the ship

Ren: “I’m quite certain that outside of this bay the seas are perfectly calm”

Han: “I’m calling for 1 days eforced shore leave”

Maybe the seas will be calmer tomorrow

DM: There are startled and appreciative noises from the crew

Ren: “You are being foolish!!!”

Han: ::Staring at Ren as i say that::

Ren: “We should leave now, the seas will not be a problem provided I do not wish them to be!”

Toshi: “Please, Captain, my lady.”

::turns to Ren:: “I understand you are at home, here in your domain.”

::turns to Han:: “And you, Captain, are secure in your command.”

But these games will serve no one’s purpose.


::clinging to the side::

Ren: “We are charged, are we not, with a speedy mission. Delay only ruins our chances of overtaking the Starling which left last evening!”

DM: Toshi looks somewhat green at this stage

Han: “… Starling?”

Toshi: “If my lady can indeed calm the seas, please do so, and the captain will feel secure in setting sail.”

Ren: “The ship that sailed out of the cove last night captain, heading in our destination’s direction.”

Goro: :: Ignoring all this looks out into the water aft of the ship ::

Ren: “If we leave now, I can beat them there. But every moment you delay, it makes my task that much harder”

Goro: “Ren, what do you call that thing at the back of the boat?”

Ren: :: sniffs the air and moves towards the aftdeck ::

Han: ::laughs:: “I know the Starling. Believe me… We could leave in a fortnight, and we would still defeat that ship on a race to the end of the bay. But, if you calm the seas i’m sure we can leave today”

Assuming my ship has suffered no damage, in this unfortunate storm

Ren: :: clamber up to the helmsman and lean over the railing looking at the water ::

Goro: “Yes damage, I thought I saw something come loose there”

Han: “Let me See….” ::running over::

Ren: :: mutters about humans not being able to tell a storm when they don’t see it ::

Goro: "But its hard to see, and I dont know what the bits of the boat are supposed to be like "

:: Shrugs and turns away from the aft ::

Han: “Ninkyo”

Goro: “Maybe I was just imaging things”

DM: “Yes, Captain?”

Han: “Check where Goro is pointing. Make sure nothing is amiss”

Ren: “Oh fine”

:: dives off the back of the boat ::

DM: “Yes Captain – you two – get a rope and tackle” Ninkyo points “you, get me a painting swing”

Goro: :: Turns back to the water watching keenly again ::

Han: ::Rouse the crew::

Ren: :: pops up from the water and calls up to the people above ::

Toshi: ::releases death grip on the railing as the ship stabilises::

DM: Those crew who weren’t already on deck turn up

Ren: “Everything looks normal from here, no damage, no people, no bits floating…”

DM: Word of shore leave spreads instandly

Goro: “Well my apologies Captain, it seems I distressed you needlessly”

Han: “Make the ship ready immediately. We set sail at First light”


DM: There is a confused pause, then the crew springs to action.

Ren: :: swims a few circles around the ship, elaborately making it obvious she’s checking the soundness of the hull, smiling to herself every time she’s underwater ::

DM: Preparations were already well advanced before bedding down last night and so final arrangements proceed speedily.

Ren: :: clambers up the side of the ship and goes back to her wandering of the deck, whispering softly to herself ::

DM: As the sun rises, and the tide begins to turn, the Furishouhou is ready to weigh anchor. Other ships are making ready, but neither are prepared to meet the tides when the Furishouhou leaves

DM: The sails snap as they fill with wind and the Furishouhou leaves Jumana for the open waters.

Toshi: ::watches the city disappear, then heads to the galley in search of tea::

Ren: :: finds herself a nice spot at the very prow of the ship as it exits the bay and cries out something in a foreign tongue ::

Goro: :: Returns back below deck muttering gutterly about Elves ::

DM: The ship clears the edge of the island of Jumana

and arcs south, before turning west towards Hikuru

As it completes the turn the currents turn sharply in its favour and the ship leaps forwards in the water

Ninkyo curses and shouts at the crew to trim the sails tighter

Ren: :: laughs as the spray from the prow hits her face and grins over her shoulders at the sailors before turning back ::

Han: ::Han looking really pissed off::

Toshi: ::returns abovedeck, tea in one hand, other hand poised to steady myself, but getting a little stronHan::

DM: Clouds scud across the sea of storms and the seas swell to match the brisk winds. The ship makes good time, slightly faster than the clouds, racing west.

The horizon is just beginning to darken with the signs of land when there is a cry from the lookout high above. “Smoke!”

Han: ::Clamber up the rigging to look::

DM: From this angle, against the lighter lower clouds you see the smudge of smoke rising, about ten points off due ahead

DM: Ninkyo points “Thats no island, captain!”

Toshi: ::heads to the front, frowns, Listening::

DM: A glowering crewman who has been silent until now perks up “Pirates!”

Ninkyo snaps at him “None of that Satsujin!”

Han: “Maintain Course”

DM: As the Furishouhou approaches, you can see the smoke rising from something about a mile or so to starboard

Han: “Crew to Battle Stations!”

DM: You see a fearsome sight, the shattered smouldering wreck of a ship, a boom – a large dhow – by the size of it, bow down in the waters with only its charred stern still above water. Wreckage and flotsam, including bodies, are scattered around.

Han: “… just in case”

DM: “Looks bad, Captain” Says Ninkyo

Han: “Indeed”

DM: “Shall we close or pass, Captain?” Calls Ouritsu.

Han: ::sigh:: “Lets give it one quick pass, check for survivors”

Stay Alert… whatever happened to them, lets not allow it to happen to us

DM: “Yes, Captain!” The sails are trimmed and the ship turns

As the ship approaches through the swells they calm

Ren: :: makes a nasty face, like she’s tasted something terrible and spits over the side of the ship::

DM: Bit of flotsam knock against the hull as the crew crowds the rails with gaff hooks

Barrels bob past, men and wreckage charred in some intense heat

Toshi: ::watches, frowning::

DM: In the quiet seas you hear the burnt hull creaking and groaning – it does not take an expert seaman to guess it will slip below soon

Ren: :: looks at the scene, and suddenly wretches over the side ::

Han: ::Pray to the Water Spirits::

DM: “There!” One of the crew points away from the hull as the waves rise again

Han: ::rush to see what he’s pointing at::

DM: “I saw someone!”

DM: At first there is just the sea, then at the crest of the wave a barrel and a man

Han: “Get him in!”

DM: “Put down the boat!” Ninkyo yells and a half dozen sailors are quickly launched towards the floating figure

They hook the barrel and pull the figure aboard

As the boat returns to the Furishouhou you realise it is not a human, but a hadozee they have recovered, the folds of the apemans skin hanging about him like a cloak

He is lifted up to the deck and laid out, breathing shallowly

Ren: ::moves from her position at the prow and climbs up some rigging to watch the man from above ::

Han: ::Call for Medic::

DM: The ships surgeon returns from fetching his bag

Toshi: ::steps up to the hadozee, drops to one knee next to him::

Toshi: ::eyes flick across to the crew huddled around him, then back down to the deck ape::

::holds hands out, summons focus::

::pauses, eyes closed, head lowered, then opens eyes and looks at the hadozee::

DM: The Hadozee twitches and moans

The surgeon checks over the rest of the hadozee.

This isn’t helping He untangles an arrow stuck within the folds of its gliding skin

The surgeon looks at Toshi. “Unless you can do a lot more than that, I don’t think theres a lot we can do for him – his skull is broken”

He looks up at the Captain. “I could use some of our curatives, but I can’t say it will be sure to work.”

Toshi: ::frowns::

Han: ::look to Toshi::

Toshi: ::looks distant for a moment::

Han: “Hold on..”

Toshi: ::whispers quietly, as if asking for something::


::eyes focus, looking up at Han::

It is beyond my power to repair.

::looks down::

Goro: :: Bends down and picks up the Arrow recently removed ::

Ren: “Maybe the water is interfering”

:: called down from the rigging ::

Han: “What?”

Ren: “Its bad water. Maybe its interfering?”

:: She shrugs and attempts to look bored ::

Han: ::turn head to Medic, and shake head::

Ren: “Sir, I think we should leave quickly.”

Toshi: ::stands up and backs away, getting out of the way, still frowning::

Han: ::To Toshi:: “Is he suffereing?”

Ren: “If that wreck still has fire… we could be caught.”

DM: The apeman twitches

Opens his eyes

one sags closed again

Ren: :: jumps down from the rigging, hopping from one foot to the other ::

DM: “Oh lord fate my head…”

Ren: “Sir we really need to go…”

Han: ::i signal Ninkyo to get the ship going::

Toshi: “he’s not comfortable.” Dark twitch of a smile. “But he will not remember what he’s feeling.”

Han: “Do you know what happened to him?”

Ren: :: jumps to the prow as the ship starts moving and clutches the railing with a grim determination on her face ::

DM: There is a creaking, rushing sound from the wreck and, in a stream of bubbles, it sinks

Toshi: “Beyond being on the ship as it was being wrecked?” ::shakes head::

As your medic says, his skull is broken.

DM: Ninkyo chivvies the crew to stations and the ship gets underway

Han: ::Gesture to Satsujin, with a Somber nod::

DM: “I was attacked.” The apeman says “We were attacked. My ship, where is my ship?”

Han: ::raise a hand to stop him::

You are safe

Toshi: ::listening, looks at the arrow that was taken out of him::

Ren: :: as the ship starts moving again, she leans out and is sick over the railing again ::

Han: “You are aboard the Fruishouhou”

Relax… try not to move. You have suffered some injury

DM: “My friends, my ship….” He moans. “We were attacked!”

Beware! Beware! The Apeman lapses into incoherency, babbling and moaning

Han: ::Close my eyes. Then turn to Satsujin, and give him the Nod::

Lets get out of here. Put this Bad Omen behind us. We have dallied here too long already!

DM: The Furishouhou is already making good speed and the crew stretch the yards tightly.

DM: Satsujin waves the surgeon away from the hadozee and turns to Toshi.

You might want to step back for this. Ma’am.

Toshi: ::regards Satsujin, then steps back::

DM: He draws his dagger, pulls the apemans head back and pushes the blade, hard, up under the jaw into the brain

The hadozees limbs flail once then is still.

Toshi: ::watches steadily::

DM: Satsujin drags the hadozee back to the opening in the rails he was brought up through shortly before and pushes the body over the side.

He dusts off his hands and pulls out a cloth to clean his dagger.

The Furishouhou quickly leaves the floating corpse behind.

DM: Curtains fall



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