An orc bushi, exotic game hunter.


Orc, Samurai Code, Exotic game hunter.


The Western Dynasties are a vibrant and varied place – where great lord rakshasa and barghest keep holdings equal to the daimyo of the Imperial court. A wealth of precious gems, metals and woods can be found worked by the crafters of hundreds of breeds of dozens of races.

Your own lord held one of the great bastions that pinned the wild elves in their deepwoods, trapped between the high mountains and the sea. The southern end now lies in the Southern Shogunate and you hope the new lords of the Ivy Ring fortress take their duties as seriously as the Imperial governors did.

Hunting through the deepwoods, sweeping the mountains, you have stalked the oni-spiders and elven warbands in the deep forests where the spirits that dwell are so ancient and unused to the quick that they cannot be roused. You have travelled far from your home, further than any of your clan that you know of, yet at every step of your journeys your lord knew the path, greeted old friends at every town – always old – and left you with the strong impression he had walked the Empire long enough to know its provinces as you once knew the courtyards of Kushio’s Glory.

You travelled through the Empire to the eastern coasts, where your lord was abruptly called back to the heartlands and left your to your own devices. Now you find yourself with many paths to choose – through the great Imperial cities of the sea of storms, into the Islands, south into the border lands and further into these new realms where the Empire has withdrawn."


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