Hikuru - Sea of Storms

Goro Meets The Mokudai

Session Four Postscript

Meanwhile, Goro;
Goro: Which ever servant it is who has come to wake me will find me already awake in meditation before my weapon, the room neatly put away as if I never slept
DM: So they leave the tray of food, kneel, bow, inform you of the mokudais request, and leave, closing the shoji
Goro: Food will divided into two, half to be eaten slowly and deliberately the other half to be parcelled and packed away as rations for future times. One last double check over gear and clothing to make sure everything is correct and in order, a few whispered mantras to focus and out to this meeting we go
DM: There is a boy waiting outside your room. He bows and leads you back to the large audience chamber you saw before.
Goro: Follow and wait to be announced
DM: The mokudai is sitting on a cushion, surrounded by scrolls and an abacus. He has a scribe with him with pen and scroll. The scribe stands, crosses to you. “You are Goro, here from Lord Hayato, is that correct?”
Goro: “It is. I assume you have also been informed of the Nature of my visit?”
DM: “I have, but let me announce you to my master”
He does so and the mokudai bows. “Forgive my poor hospitality, we have many guests here at present”
The old lizard mokudai wears in plain cloth robes elaborately embroidered with the Five Tiger mon. His scales are faded and worn with age. A staff of mangrove wood lies on the tatami beside him.
You wished to speak with me. From what you have said to my scribe, I am most interested to hear more.
Goro: :: Take a seat opposite him :: "Reports of distruption in this area have drawn my attention, as you’re scribe may have informed you my Lord has tasked me with the tacking and destruction of some particularly deviant Elves. My task here is to ascertain whether there is a connection between the happenings here and the quarry of my hunt
DM: The old lizard looks down at his scrolls. “These are grim tidings. It is true, there has been lawlessness in this region. That is my failing, but elves? What horrors could they be planning?” He raises his head again. “Your Lord and his allies are famed in the Empire, any assistance you can give will be appreciated. If we can quash this piracy – this elven ploy, you suggest – then the magistrate may look favourably on House Five Tiger retaining this town. What do you need?”
Goro: “Initially I and my associates would merely request any information on the attacks that are available in the hope of understanding fully what we face, once we do it would be my expectation that a swift killing stroke be applied. It is of course possible that this has nothing to do with the vile Fae and is merely a case of common piracy, in that event while I’m sure we would wish to assist in anyway we can my path would lead me elsewhere”
DM: The old lizard smiles to reveal gaps in its teeth “Normally it would be rude to wish to swiflty be rid of a guest, but for those reasons you give, perhaps you will forgive me if I do so. To get to this point, and resolve this let me tell you what I know. I trust in your discretion for the information I am about to tell you.”
Goro: “Of course” :: nod slightly ::
DM: “Many outsiders still lump all lizards together with those that still bask in the swamps. While this is not true, it suits my Lord Five Tiger to perpetuate that image. Prior to your coming, I would have said this was some manner of power struggle between factions of Kinu Toshi. Since the magistrates arrived some weeks ago, I do not know who this has affected these schemers. My clanmate Ssenio is a factor for traders from that city, go talk to him. He tells me he knows nothing, perhaps you can shake something loose. Ask the northerner Takena Toryo what he believes is going on. One or other or both of those must be involved. I have not heard anyone report strange behaviour, I assume neither has been doppelganged.”
DM: “Finally, if anyone knows what is going on in the swamps, it will be Henudai and Haruta. If there are brash clutchlings involved in anything, they are always in the thick of it. That is all I can tell you. I am tied down here in questions of law defending my houses claims before the magistrate.”
Goro: “You have been most helpful, should it transpire that this is not the work of the Fae I will make sure word reaches you of the Guilty parties, otherwise be assured you will have assisted in the destruction of another Fae.”
DM: You make your excuses and wander back towards the ship.



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