Tag: Fallen Harp Bay


  • Tracks of a Fish

    When truth can roam free Those who seek it find the tracks Of a shoal of fish ~ ~ ~ Metsubou and Han sat at the table in the corner of the House of Splendors. Han's practiced eye took in the bar, soaking up the details he knew most of the others …

  • Goro Meets The Mokudai

    Meanwhile, Goro;
    Goro: Which ever servant it is who has come to wake me will find me already awake in meditation before my weapon, the room neatly put away as if I never slept
    DM: So they leave the tray of food, kneel, bow, inform you of the …

  • At the Sign of the Triangle

    DM Curtains Raise.

    DM Standing outside the Four Seasons Trading and Ship Outfitters' the sun has burnt off the mists in the bay. The bustle of the town has slowed a little as those who can seek the shelter of indoors or shade. Its sticky and the …

  • Dusk Gathers in Fallen Harp Bay

    Prologue Ren:

    DM: Ok, so last you were seen by the group, you dashed past on your way to the ship. After you dissappeared over the horizon, you went back to the Furishouhou which is sitting at anchor. Two awnings have been set up, fore and aft. Some …